HNR Enrollment Record

All current and incoming families of the future Herman Neosho Rubicon School District are being asked to complete the HNR School District Enrollment Record in order to better help us prepare an accurate record of students attending.

Please return the HNR Enrollment Record to your respective school office by Monday, May 23, 2016.

Thank you in advance for your time!  Please contact the office staff at Herman, Neosho, or Rubicon with any questions.


Students in Grades 4K-7 recently received a new Honor Pride t-shirt to be worn for Honor Elementary and Honor Intermediate assemblies, field trips, and school spirit days in 2016-17!

It is our hope that the t shirts will fit our students for at least a couple of years. If a school shirt is lost, a replacement can be purchased. Please let the office know if the current sizing is incorrect.

In addition to the Honor Pride student t shirt, families are encouraged to order brand new HNR apparel online via this link (WWW.BSGSPORTS.COM) and enter Sales Code specific to the attire you wish to purchase:

All orders must be placed by Sunday, May 1 with anticipated delivery the last week of May, 2016. All payments are processed online at the time of order.


Future HNR Phoenix Collaboration!

HNR Student Council Summit - January 2016

Saylesville's Student Council welcomed the student councils from Neosho and Herman for a joint meeting on February 4, 2016. The councils started their meeting withsome fun team-building activities and then got down to business. Up for discussion was next year's HNR Student/Parent Handbook. Possible changes, additions and items that should remain the same were discussed. Thank you for joining us for a fun, productive afternoon!!


HNR School Board

The Herman #22, Neosho J3, and Rubicon J6 School Boards began working collaboratively as the Herman-Neosho-Rubicon Joint Interim School Board effective September 2015. The Boards have conducted joint meetings at all three existing sites this school year in order to gain a greater understanding of our consolidated school district facility needs. The Joint Interim Board of Education was composed of fifteen (15) Board members.  The order to consolidate reduced the new Board make up to five (5) Board members that were elected Tuesday, April 5, 2016.  


Our new Herman-Neosho-Rubicon School District Board of Education is:

  • Tanya Burg (Neosho J3) - Two year term

  • Peter Gutschenritter (Rubicon J6) - Three year term

  • Jake Jaroch (Neosho J3) - One year term

  • Jim Stommel (Rubicon J6) - Two year term

  • Denise Zuern (Herman #22) - Three year term


The new Herman-Neosho-Rubicon School Board of Education will conduct their first official meeting on Tuesday, April 26, 2016 @6:30 PM at Neosho School.  


HNR School District Mission & Vision

After thorough review of a budget forecast financial study and our February 2015 community survey results (75.1% of the survey responses were in favor of consolidation), the Herman #22, Neosho J3, and Rubicon J6 School Boards made a verbal commitment to consolidation effective 2016-2017.

A Tri-School District Consolidation Committee worked collaboratively to develop a Mission & Vision Statement for the consolidated district, a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding consolidation, and the official Resolution to Order Consolidation in July 2015.

Herman-Neosho-Rubicon School District

Mission Statement

Bringing communities together to educate and inspire.


Honoring the past while embracing the future.

We will...
• PROVIDE all students with the experiences and personalized learning opportunities to reach their fullest potential.

• COME TOGETHER as staff, parents and community members to model and serve as lifelong learners.

• HELP each student develop a foundation to become a responsible, respectful, and productive citizen.

• ENSURE a safe environment and a nurturing atmosphere where all students excel.


The official resolution to order consolidation was unanimously approved on July 15, 2015.  We are excited to share with our our consolidation progress as we work together to embrace the future and honor the past of our communities.  

February HNR School District Newsletter

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